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Posted By: jenjoan

A fun morning with an Easter Bonnet Parade and so many talented ladies. Here's what happened to me on the way there.
At the usual place, coming off the huge Ayia Napa roundabout and up over the hill towards Paralimni (I am sure everyone knows where I mean) where the speed limit is 65 kmh, and the police are often to be found just before the next roundabout (they used to hide behind the wall before the 'motorway' and roundabouts were built). Now I have lived here enough years to know where they are, but excitedly chatting away with my friend on the way to coffee morning this morning, with my Easter Bonnet in the boot, I was running late and in a hurry so I admit that I did 'put my foot down' as I overtook a slower car on the brow of the hill - only to spot him with his gun pointing up the hill, at the last minute.
92 kmh it showed, and he asked me if I had anything to say. I thought of several things but decided to say nothing and the ticket procedure started. 'Who is the owner of this car?' was the first question, as he checked the tax on the windscreen (which apparently was ok by him). Name and address, etc and then I was asked 'How old are you?' I had already told him I was a poor old widowed pensioner (as if that was going to make any difference) and the next question was 'What is your occupation?' I explained that as a pensioner I was retired and the questions kept coming. All this seemed to take forever but just when you think it is all over.....
'What is your father's name?'.
I replied, 'He's been dead over 20 years, what do you want to know that for?'
"We need to know if you do not pay your fine!" was his answer.
Did they think they could somehow get the money out of him?????
By this time my friend and I were getting the giggles and then the next question came, "What is your mother's name?".
We thought they were going to go through the family tree but finally we had answered all their questions and the ticket came out of the machine and we were on our way.
Cost 46 euros! That was an expensive coffee morning!
I wished them both a Happy Easter, but no smile in return.

Posted By: Jac

And what a lovely hat it was too! I wonder if you'd have got a smile out of the policeman if you'd worn the hat? Jackie

Posted By: marionmitchell

That was such a shame Joan but your hat did look lovely and so did all others congratulations to Brenda for the winning Hat you all looked brilliant :clap:

Posted By: AskCy

you should have told him your were speeding as an april fools... got you.. !...

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