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Posted By: sunnysuzie

Was trying to post something, then emotions got the better of me, funny time of year, had to put something, as I would have a blank post! Do you ever listen to songs, especially this time of year and they bring a tear to your eye? The lyrics bring back memories, especially now Sue

Posted By: Steve - SJD

Sue, Understand what you mean - not a good time of year in some ways for a lot of us I think! It would have been my dads birthday on Sunday - unfortunately it was also the day he died so for me I find Christmas is filled with mixed emotions. What can you do though? I guess thinking of the good times is best and am lucky to be able to say there were many of those. Sorry I don't think that helped much :? As we say though "Keep yer chin up!" Cheers Steve

Posted By: LynSab

Tis the time of year Sue, memories are good and sad this time of year and now as we are living away from loved ones more nostalgic than ever before. Know what you were trying to say and as Steve says a time to miss ones who are not with us anymore too. I felt this next song a little this last week its not a Christmas song but heartstrings and tug come into it. But although I might wanna go home it will only be for a trip and then I wanna be back really, this is now 'home'. Sometimes Sue its good to cry we are all human and it helps. Lyn P.S On a lighter note though if anyone knows any of these boys in the clip personally then I have a large stocking hanging up ready!!!!!

Posted By: Hattie

Oh LynSab.........please listen to the song sung by a real singer with a great voice..............
I totally agree with the comments about Christmas - it doesn't always hold good memories - sometimes the memories are just too painful to remember. :cry:

Posted By: Mike jackson

Yeah it's always difficult at this time of year for those of us who have just lost someone, Dad left us a couple of months ago & 4yr ago we lost my mum over the new year. The songs that get me are Paul Carricks Any day Now when mum died & for dad it's Brian Kennedy's You Raise Me up. (Brian Kennedy has an amazing voice listen to anything by him & it will move you) But try to remember that life with all it's beauty & vibrancy is still a joy. If you are blessed with grandchildren as we are they will fill you up with love & joy especially so over this next week or so, as they pass out the real spirit of Christmas as their laughter pure & joyful rings round our homes. I don't know if this forum is the right place to say this but I have had enough experiences to know for me that life does not end ( I am not religious nor am I preaching) life in all it's myriad of forms is wonderful powerful & rich. Try to reach inside ourselves for that memory of our loved ones that made us laugh & remember that life IS for living & be happy you deserve to be. Richard Bach wrote a wonderful little book called Illusions The adventures of a Reluctant Messiah & there is a little quote in there that I hold close at times like this. 'Don't be dismayed at good-byes, A farewell is necessary before you can meet again. And meeting again, after moments or lifetimes, is certain for those who are friends'. Mike the sagalout

Posted By: Charnwood Fox

My favourite Christmas song is Greg Lake and I Believe in Father Christmas, although I dont agree with the lyric "The Christmas you get you deserve."
I can't remember a Christmas with my mam. She died when I was 10, my sister, 6.
Our Christmas Day for the next few years consisted of having to get dressed for the cold and trudging 3 miles to gran's for lunch, getting dressed for the cold again and trudging across town - about another 3 miles - to an aunt's for tea, getting dressed for the cold AGAIN and trudging 4 miles home.
My dad, bless him, thought he was doing the right thing for us kids.
And people wonder why my sister and I hate Christmas. (Yes, it's not just me!)
Memories are a thing of the past, thankfully!

Posted By: Jan

My Mum lived with us for 18 years and I was her carer for the last ten years or so of those and so we were very close. Mum had lovely red hair and she always wanted one of the family to have red hair like her. Well after she died Emily-Mae came along with just the exact colour of hair and she is her Great Gran all over. Just watching her this week in her nativity play was a real happy and sad time for me since she reminds me so much of my Mum. I did not know whether to be happy or sad. Here is a picture of Emily-Mae.

Posted By: Hogarth55

What a little cutie! It's true that life goes on, but for some it's hard, i know my Dad will never be the same, he feels there is only half a lfe without my mum, and refuses to celebrate Christmas, although, he makes a good point when he says,'it's only one day' coz it is. Sue, you are being competely normal, and yes, music always brings memories, but sometimes you are as well to have a good bawl and let all the emotions out, believe me, i have done this many times over the last year, and i always feel better for it. Have a lovely Christmas. Mark, you have had a hard life, you deserve a great one now, all the best to you.

Posted By: Charnwood Fox

Thanks, Pam. I think I broke a lot of mirrors in a former life. :wink: How's your resident hopalong, by the way?

Posted By: kipper889

Hi All, What a poignant thread. Mark, you had crap christmasses when you were a kid, all the more reason to have great ones now. My hubby had rough ones too, and now he makes them the best he can for us all. Jan, I cried reading your post, it brought back memories of my nan who I miss so much...but, they are sort of happy tears remembering the good times. Hold onto those. Christmas is always a time that we remember the past. And so it should be. It's what makes us shape the future. Have a great one everyone. Ruth

Posted By: Hogarth55

Hi Mark, Hopalong is not bad, but in a lot of pain with his knee now, so he has been having physio for that. Sorry to go off thread folks.

Posted By: Charnwood Fox

My fault!! :oops:

Posted By: Kwacka

When I was working I always warned patients to be on the lookout for Xmas from October onwards. Its the most stressful time of year; the time when more marriages break down than at any other time, and the time of the greatest number of suicides. Like others here its a poignant time, my father died two weeks before Xmas when I was aged 12 (the eldest of 5 kids). My mum died 2 years ago in January and I'm reminded again of the sacrifices she must have made for us. For me Xmas starts now - the young boy singing 'Once in royal David's city' to start the service of carols and readings from Kings College always tells me its here, and adds a drop of moisture to my eyes. I hope everyone has a Xmas that they will remember with happiness for the years to come.

Posted By: geof j

as said by many, Christmas is indeed a time of mixed emotions, i was , i suppose , one of the lucky ones, a real tangerine and apple in the pillow case, along with a Victor annual, and Beano Annual and torch to read it by,downstairs the present waited under the tree; always a suprise because we never told our parents what we wanted,"you get what you're given and like it"was a phrase said regularly, and of course , we always liked. my Christmasses where always minimalist, but we looked forward to every one. And the other night i watched Noel Edmunds do his Christmas show, (had to tell the missus there was something making my eyes water) and reminded me that there is always somebody worse off, even though my wife has just lost her mother 2 weeks ago we will enjoy Christmas and celebrate her life the way she would have wanted us to, by not moping around. So Merry Christmas everybody, enjoy the day and the memories of those that can't be with us. Geof

Posted By: Bobbeer

27 years ago today my mum died. My children were 5 and 3 and didn't understand, all they knew was it was Christmas. Then the padre would not leave us alone to get on with our lives!

Posted By: bigal

I've never really enjoyed Christmas - even as a child - but of course this year was always going to be tough after loosing dad at the beginning of the month.
Back in November we had agreed to spend Christmas Day with Allans son & family (from Allans first marriage).
It was the best thing for me. Although I thought of dad (& had a difficult chat on the phone with mum early in the day) on the whole it was a fun day. After a huge dinner my stepson put the film "Happy Feet" on the telly & it was quite amusing when I realised the adults were watching it & the kids were on their computer games!!! A truly "Modern Christmas" :)

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