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Posted By: mortzicia

We've been watching Jamie Oliver and the other guy from the River Cottage programme this week highlighting the plight of caged and mass produced chickens. Apparently in the UK most of the cheap chicken comes from an imported breed which matures (ie becomes big enough to eat and sell) within about 38 days, they are kept in pens containing about 100 birds per 5 metres and the farmers get paid about 3 pence per bird by the supermarkets. The egg producing chickens have an equally nightmare existence - at the end of their productive life (about 12 months in a cramped cage) they are past it and most of their feathers are rubbed away. Quite distressing to see and I know that I personally will be buying free range from now on. My question is does anyone know if the farming methods are the same in Cyprus? Do the big supermarkets sell free range eggs and chickens? Trouble is, its not just the chickens and eggs themselves but everything that has egg as an ingredient, eg mayonaise.

Posted By: jo_uk_1799

I was asking about the same question. I was a vegetarian for 20 years because of british farming methods and two years ago because it became widely available decided to start buying free range organic chicken. I asked the question where could I find it in Cyprus a few weeks back and have had no answers so Im wondering if its going to be difficult to find

Posted By: Krazikas

I was of the opinioin that most meat in Cyprus was natural and organic! i wait to be proved wrong tho'! karen

Posted By: mortzicia

I'd like to think that most of the meat would be free range but I've got my doubts about the eggs. Trouble is that when I'm at work in Cyprus the weekly shopping is a supermarket trolley dash and I dont have much time to go around local markets for organic produce. :(

Posted By: dawnnett

When in Cyprus we use a farm in Kitti (Chicken farm) The chickens are free range ....strutting thier stuff :) So i suppose thier eggs are too Iv been watching the same TV program and it does make you think 39 days from egg to table no that cant be right I will be watching what im buying in future Forgot to say both eggs and chickens taste ( like chicken ) from the Farm Dawn

Posted By: jo_uk_1799

Thanks Dawn Will look out for that

Posted By: greeny

I been watching to made me feel sick and sad i will now only buy free range chicken always have with eggs.But what about chicken slices and egg mayo looking at sandwich fillers no free rang and eating out this is not going to be easy but its a start :D Jane

Posted By: jo_uk_1799

I think its fairly safe to say that chicken slices Bernard Matthews style bear lttle relation to a chicken. orrible really orrible!

Posted By: marion

I also saw the programmes. I avoid cheap chicken anyway as it doesn't taste nice. But you can do something... sign up and support (click on image): Chicken Out! Campaign Sign-up Marion

Posted By: mortzicia

Cheers for that Marion. By the way, apparently Hellmans mayonnaise will be using free range eggs from this year onwards.

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