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Posted By: mouse

Hi All Got stopped by the police last night in Kennedy avenue on our way to Woody's for a New years bash and breathalized, apart from me being tea-total what i find incredable was that it was only 8 pm, also at the time of being stopped a taxi sceamed pass doing at least 80k, i asked why his fellow offices did not attempt to flag him down, he said he was obviously in a hurry, i then said so if he killed someone it would be ok and lawful because he is in a hurry, at this he just shrugged his shoulders and said i could go and please drive carefully. Amazed Kevin :? :P

Posted By: harvester

thats cyprus :roll:

Posted By: chuckie

We also got stopped in the same area a little bit later at 9.40 when we were off to the O'Zone. Tony is not teetotal but will only have 1 shandy all night. I wonder of the glass of milk he'd just drunk showed up .... This is the sixth time he's been stopped since March. There's many a time i've been the worst for wear, so much so i've not got much of a memory. I do sometimes wonder about the times he's been pulled for his one shandy and there's those who drink all night who NEVER get stopped. Carol

Posted By: LynSab

Its police policy now to stop and breathalyse where ever they see fit, these newish rules are EU Directives too hence the fact that new speed cameras will also be installed eventually around the island. Its a European thing to get the EU clean sober and non smoking and more importantly cut death on the roads. Cyprus has an appalling death rate on the roads per capita than many other european countries so the crackdown albeit slow is definitely continuing. Cypriot Police are learning how to deal with these new directives maybe not well yet. But the idea is to stop and ask many motorists so word gets around, as this is Cyprus word gets around fast. Because of some of these factors the innocent motorist is being stopped and breathalised more than once and its annoying but I think we all have had our liberties curbed by the few for a long time. In the long term it does,nt bother me at all being stopped as I don,t drink at all and drive, and if eventually drink driving is banned completely here(i.e no alcohol in the blood at all) like smoking in the UK then it will make driving at night much safer. But I realise thats some way off in Cyprus. I do drink of course and only when I am not driving and if we both drink we walk or taxi. The reason these guys are stopping people more at present is not because 'they are thick or stupid' which I find very derogatory its because its their job to do so. And if you read the statistics for 2006 they seem to be making some headway.

Posted By: Dave & Ness

Have to agree Lyn. We have been stopped on the last 3 occasions we have been over. They are always very polite and once they see we have just been out with the kids, we have been sent on our way with a good evening! It annoys me though how the local drivers can seem to do what they want. The last time we were stopped was between Faliros and the greenhouses on kennedy avenue. It was pitch black and a Taxi went screaming past, hit the breaks as it was going to miss the turn and sped away. Not even a glance from the very friendly police officers! As with all things it will take time to educate everyone but the more people who get pulled over and talk about it, the sooner everyone will realise it is only a matter of time before you get caught for drink driving! Now whether the fines etc...discourage people enough is another topic! :? :? :?

Posted By: SBS

In reply to Dave & Ness, I have to say that I know quite a few Cypriots that have been stopped for drink driving and prosecuted and in fact my next door neighbour was prosecuted twice last year, so it's not just the Brits that are being stopped.

Posted By: hatzyian

Many years ago, when I lived in Kenya, I was stopped at a police checkpoint on the outskirts of Nairobi, and was TOLD by the policeman that I Had been drinking. My reply was that I hadn't, but was going to a party and would be. I then asked what time they were going to pack up and go home. He told me, so when I came back in the early hours of the morning slightly worse for wear there was no one there. Thats what I call police co-operation. Seriously though, I'd much rather have the police checking for drink and drive, than sitting on a completly empty motorway, stopping drivers for doing 115kph. Its about time here that the safety people realised that its not speed that kills, but speed in the WRONG places, with cars and bikes driven by bad/inexperienced drivers. Plus mobile phones, no seat belts no helmets etc. Oh, don't get me started. At least here the cameras are called 'speed cameras', not so called 'safety cameras' like in the UK. Rant over Ian

Posted By: LynSab

  • SBS wrote:
    In reply to Dave & Ness, I have to say that I know quite a few Cypriots that have been stopped for drink driving and prosecuted and in fact my next door neighbour was prosecuted twice last year, so it's not just the Brits that are being stopped.

This is true and the Cypriots are being prosecuted much much more than foreigners, 'why' because they are in the majority. Complete bans for re-offending will be applied more often soon as well, this applies to ALL drivers, can you tell I have been chatting to a policeman this weekend! Purely on a social basis that is :)
Did,nt bring up the fact of mad Taxi Drivers of which there are many but he did mention that in the UK lots of people have been prosecuted for going just a few miles over the limit while fast motorway drivers always seem to get away with it. I said maybe you can,t catch them as easy? He did,nt answer but his smile said it all. He did say that young drivers as it is in most of Europe are the biggest cause for concern.

Posted By: Hogarth55

Two of our friends were stopped on Kennedy avenue on their way to our new year party-at 8pm! but, i have to say, they are only doing their job.

Posted By: bromerzz

Aargghh..... but the 8pm checks catch the afternoon drinkers, of which, there are many!!! Anyway Kevin you look guilty at the best of times especially when in your wig and heels and enroute to your evening job. :wink:

Posted By: rockjock

Probably neither thick or stupid (of which both words mean the same thing) but just following the the instructions that they have been given. Why should they be any different from any other European police force, to hell with safety just let's raise some extra revenue from an easy source. Rockjock

Posted By: Manco

Been stopped 5 times but never nicked or breathalysed.... They just ask for insurance and driving licence and have a look at my car. Stopped 3 times coming from Green Garden!

Posted By: DAC

Hi, I'm certainly not condoning drink-driving, but for police forces the world over, the motorist proves to be an easy target and a useful tool for raising both millions in fines and in crime conviction rates. Why bother trying to catch and convict burglars when you can stop a driver for creeping over the speed limit. Our house was burgled 10 years ago, the CID guy even told us that they knew who had done it, but that they couldn't convict them as they couldn't prove it. Point made!

Posted By: beersmaggie

If you drink and drive anywhere in the world you deserve all you get, but when are the damn police going to do something about stopping the cars being parked on the pavement, this carries at least a 50cy fine :!: You try wheeling a wheelchair or, if you are disabled trying to get along any pavement at all for all the parked cars :!: This is one hell of a disabled unfriendly island as it is so, it would help if we could just walk along the pavements to avoid the bad standard of driving that exists here. Maggie Larnaca

Posted By: Kwacka

Police are looking for someone who put a bomb under the car of the Chief of Police of Limmassol and a letter in today's Cyprus Mail made me laugh; the writer suggested that police should also consider chcking those with disabilities and push-chairs. The reason? The head of the police was parked on the centre of the pavement. What chance have the general public got if even the police head can't uphold the law? (I read this sat in a bar at lunch-time. Two policemen were taking their lunch-break at the next table. One smoked before and after his meal.)

Posted By: pav

i,m sure they could use this as an excuse for parking on pavements and smoking in restaurants.
it seems those that choose to profiteer with the introduction of the euro know this in 17 different languages i have seen so far a 40% increase in one product i use regularly
  • The Ministry was also aware since the owners had not agreed to join the Fair Pricing Code, there was not much that could be done in a free market economy.(slightly edited)


Posted By: DAC

  • but when are the damn police going to do something about stopping the cars being parked on the pavement

I totaly agree with you on this one. Back in the UK, you can go to almost any school and you will see parents/grandparents parked on pavements, yellow lines and in bus pick-up areas, totaly blocking the views of drivers and kids leaving school, and totaly illegal. Once they have got 'little Johnny' from the junior school, they then speed off to get their other kid from seniors. We live between two such schools, and between 3pm to 3.45pm it's bloody dangerous. But as ever, nothing is done about it.
But whilst all this is going on, the police insist on putting a mobile speed camera out on one of the quietest stretches of motorway in the UK.

Posted By: Tina Torment

So the infamous Kapparis triangle is still alive and kicking with police. Erm........why do they target that area? Is it because of targeting ex-pats or is it because there are more offenders? Noticed too on Vrysoulles base there is a RTA vehicle sited in the middle of the roundabout with the words Don't Drink and Drive.

Posted By: mouse

Hi Bromerzz [Alias Bracket]
You promised me as my pimp, that you wouldn't tell anyone.
PS. Dont forget i'm called Hinge in our double act. :) :evil: :evil:

Posted By: Yvette

  • Kwacka wrote:
    (I read this sat in a bar at lunch-time. Two policemen were taking their lunch-break at the next table. One smoked before and after his meal.)

I couldn't believe my eyes on Friday driving to Nicosia along the Larnaca/Nicosia highway, about 10-12 policemen were sitting having a bbq in the lay-by at half ten in the morning - whilst speeding motorists sailed by (not me of course!)

Posted By: grahamthore

Yvette Did you notice the bottle of brandy on the table??? Graham

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