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Posted By: Steve - SJD

Hi all, Has anyone been watching the present series of The Contender? There has been some pretty decent fights on recently and tonights fight should be good! Cheers Steve

Posted By: myndthistledown

Steve Robin is hooked on this programme he thinks it's brilliant but I think it looks dead boring and the persistant music drives me MAD lynda :lol:

Posted By: Steve - SJD

Lynda, Sorry I missed your posting earlier :oops: Yes the music can be a bit much - but they have had some great fights :D The next one should be quite good as there will be two fights - cuts out all the padding of the show - hopefully. Cheers Steve

Posted By: Steve - SJD

Lynda, Don't know if Robin is still watching but what a great semi-final - two great fights! Looking forward to the final now - it promises to be a good match up! Forbes to win :) Cheers Steve

Posted By: myndthistledown

Hi Steve No he missed the semi final as we have only just come back from cyprus today but I won't tell him how good it was, he will have to make do with watching the final ( hopefully I will be working on a late that evening so I won't have to watch it as well ) !!!!!!!!!!!!! :roll: :lol: lynda

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