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Posted By: brian16

There used to be a TV show every Friday night hosted by Michael Miles including the "Yes-No interlude" back in the 60's. Can anyone help me out, what was it called?

Posted By: Don&Pam

Take Your Pick :D

Posted By: Charnwood Fox

With 'Bob' (real christian names Cyril Fredrick) Danvers-Walker on the gong. I met BDW in the early 1970s. He was involved short promotional videos, doing one at my place of work in Nottingham.

Posted By: nikster

My mum was on it when she was 20. She won a barbers pole!! The photo takes pride of place in my house. Nikki

Posted By: oldsten

Sorry CF but;Original announcer: Bob Danvers-Walker Organist: Harold Smart Original "gonger": Alec Dane

Posted By: Charnwood Fox

:oops: :oops: So it was.
  • Anyone got a good memory?
Apparently, not me.

Posted By: Santorini Paul 1

I remember at school being asked: "Did you know Michael Miles was dead?" "No". BONG!

Posted By: brian16

  • Don&Pam wrote:
    Take Your Pick :D

Many thanks for that, I'd been wracking my brains but couldn't remember.

Posted By: kokkinos

brian wot was the team s name on wots my line in the 50 s .

Posted By: brian16

Tootsie, I've just posted the answer on the wrong must have been a senior moment! :lol: :lol: The answer is, I think, Gilbert Harding, Barbara Kelly, Lady Isobel Barnett and David Nixon and the host was Eamonn Andrews. Is that me giving my age away or what? Thanks for the memory. Brian.

Posted By: Bobbeer

Correct Brian,

Posted By: brian16

Cheers Roberto. I have quite a good recollection of the programme and of the panellists. I recall Gilbert Harding as a crotchety old "Victor Meldrew" type of character, very gruff and a bit rude to everyone and what surprised me so much was the fact that he was only 53 when he died!

Posted By: Bobbeer

Brian, I can just remember it. However, in one of the reports I read, it states that Gilbert was so rude that one of the contestants left in tears.

Posted By: brian16

One article I read said that he'd sometimes had fellow panelists in tears too!

Posted By: Balconia

Brian I thought you didn't watch T.V? :wink: :lol:

Posted By: brian16

Apparently, the only reason why Gilbert wasn't given the elbow was the fact that he actually increased the ratings. Viewers were polled and many said they watched the programme just to see who Gilbert would upset next. Part of the show included a "mystery guest". The panellists would put on eye masks and the celebrity would enter the studio and write his name on the board to applause from the audience. The panellists had to ask him/her questions to identify him/her and the celebrity had to speak in a disguised voice. I often wondered whether or not the masks were see-through.

Posted By: brian16

  • Balconia wrote:
    I thought you didn't watch T.V? :wink: :lol:

Ha! Ha! Nice one Carol :lol: Actually I don't watch much these days as it's mostly rubbish but I know you're a great fan of Big Brother so I won't go there!
Back in those days when TV was still pretty much in its infancy, black and white grainy pictures the lot, it was very much a novelty and back then all television was live television which made it so much more interesting.
All that having been said, I've been glued to it recently as I'm a big tennis fan, in fact you could say that tennis is my racket!! :lol: :lol:

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