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Posted By: Ristac

6.00pm on 29th December... Am I the first to have taken all their decorations down for another year?

Posted By: dawnnett

Think you are mine are still up , will take them down next week Dawn

Posted By: kipper889

Oh Richard, how can you bare to take them down so early? Have you never heard of twelfth night? Bah Humbug to you!!! :lol: :? :D Ruth

Posted By: bigal

We were very Bah Humbug this year - we didn't put any up. However with everything that happened in the lead up to Christmas I think I can be excused. Ruth

Posted By: kipper889

Of course you are excused Ruth, :) Wishing you good luck and a fantastic year for 2008. :lol: Ruth

Posted By: taffs well

:D no we beat you to it. took ours down on the 28th. some time in the morning sorry was not watching the time :lol: and while i,am here we wish you all a very happy new year

Posted By: Cardiff lad

I dont put decorations up but as my parents were staying with me I did put a tree up as my mum does like that sort of thing. They went back to Cyprus on 27th and I took it down the same day. I'm the winner so far.

Posted By: kipper889

Double Bah Humbug to you Ian. :wink: :lol: :( Ruth

Posted By: Steve - SJD

Well mine are still up! :) The kids are still opening and playing with their presents - still like Christmas here 8-[ Cheers Steve

Posted By: shaz2

Our came down on the 29th sick to death of our kitten trying to the climb the Christmas Tree. Still a living room full of the kids toys though,roll on April 23rd a week in Cypriot Sun!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL ALL THE BEST FOR 2008 Shaz

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