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Posted By: Steve - SJD

Hi all, You may have heard by now that air tax is to double from 5 to 10 :( Fuel duty also up from midnight tonight. To top it all off it is still windy and raining here after 6 days :cry: Cheers Steve

Posted By: Hogarth55

:( Not good news Steve. It's been lovely up here to-day, sun and everything!

Posted By: journeyman

  • Fuel duty also up from midnight tonight

Ha Ha wish somebody would tell our local Garage they allready put it up(so to speak) . Mind you will check first thing in morning to see if they added another couple of pence. :x

Posted By: Hogarth55

Yes Graham, ours was up yesterday too, you would think an extra couple of pence wouldn't be worth all the hassle from irate customers.

Posted By: DAC

Hi all, I read in the paper that gordon brown is looking into having tilt switches fitted onto all new toilet systerns, so that he can tax us when we go for a 'Dump'! :D :D :D :D :D :D May as well do, everything bar breathing is taxed...! DAC

Posted By: journeyman

Dac, Dont forget he his Taxing the dead to pay for the unborn.(Death duties - child benefit to babies in the womb at 29 weeks). Graham

Posted By: Tash

Our fuel just went down again, its now only 49.9 cents a litre, sorry you guys, but this is one of the reasons we left UK. You are taxed on anything that moves, or doesn't, depending on how the government feel. :lol:

Posted By: DAC

Hi all, Apparentley the government are today rushing through a new TAX bill, it will be backdated for the last week and all those who have been at an airport will have to pay it, it's "Fog tax" DAC

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