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Posted By: Mike jackson

Just been listening to Van Morrison's sense of wonder at the end he sings a list of things that give him a sense of wonder, got me thinking here's some of mine what are yours? Birth of my first grandson the single most emotional thing ever. Holding my granddaughter born at 24 weeks at 1lb 4oz after weeks in an incubator knowing she would now live after fighting so hard to survive. The sounds of the jungle as I sailed through the Panama Canal Stepping ashore in Valletta as a very young seaman & saying to myself 'I've done it' Walking my daughter down the isle The golden glow around my mother when she passed away The beauty of New Zealand The joy of life long friends Last but not least the peace & warmth of sharing Cyprus with my long suffering wife bless her Mike the sagalout

Posted By: bigal

What a wonderful list Mike. It got me thinking & here is what I've got so far... Holding my children for the first time after their births. I had problems during both my pregnancies so both my children are precious. Being with my daughter & son in law at her first scan & being told she was expecting a boy (my first grandchild). Unfortunately I missed his birth as he arrived early & we were stuck in France. I was at the birth of my grand-daughter though & it certainly was a moving experience. My son (who's over 6 foot & aged 22) giving me a big hug & telling me I am the best mum in the world when I was at a very low point. Looking at my wonderful husband & being thankful that his bypass operation was a success & he is going from strength to strength. Looking out over the Kenyan savana & thinking "Wow". Swimming with wild dolphins off the coast of Tanzania. Realising we had found our "paradise" when we decided to move to Cyprus. Ruth - Bigals better half

Posted By: kipper889

What a lovely thread Mike. Earliest to last, some of them are really naff but they were what mattered to me at the time. :lol: Getting my first job, Rediffusion. My driving examiner telling me I passed. (first time. I wanted to kiss him but thought better of it :D ) My Hubby asking me to marry him. (with just a tiny bit of persuasion :wink: ) The wedding day. The birth of all three of my wonderful boys. (can't put them in order) The first day I walked into our Cy House, when it was finally ours. My Mums 70th birthday celebrations. Every day since 13th December 2006. Ruth xx

Posted By: rockjock

Hi Mike, All the things you mention are wonderful things and are there to be savoured and enjoyed as I have but, I sometimes wonder about more serious things. 1. How have we managed to survive for so long when by nature we are such a destructive species. 2 When we will actually achieve the state of destruction when we will no longer be able to sustain life on Planet Earth. Maybe to serious for happy thoughts Rockjock

Posted By: Mike jackson

Hi Rockjock Yeah we can be destructive but we are also the most amazing beings full of inventiveness passion joy potential knowledge & not least a sense of wonder. We have a universe to play in & as we as a species grow from childhood to adulthood all this will open up to us. Technology is growing so quickly today that in our grandchildren's lifetimes & we will last that long, energy will be clean fresh & limitless. Me I still live in the garden surrounded by wonderful things that constantly thrill me, but maybe I'm to much of a optimist Mike the sagalout :D

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