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Posted By: scubadoo

so can we name the doc who wont entertain the e111/ehic

Posted By: Balconia

As mentioned on an earlier thread my youngest child was ill with a severe ear infection on my recent visit to Cyprus. I nearly keeled over when the Doctor asked for 50cyp for the consultation fee and 22 cyp for the prescription. He wouldn't entertain my e111 nor would he look at my travel insurance. I have rang the company who arranged my travel insurance with and they have agreed to pay the full amount ( even though i have a 50 excess) because they say the Doc should have looked at my e111. So thanks very much ........ However think i will try the mad doc that kipper recommends in future :lol: :lol:

Posted By: AngieR

Hi Carol A couple of years ago when our boys were with us, one had an ear infection, the other cut his toe, then another trip when he also got an ear infection; Barry too had a couple of visits, it cost us an arm and a leg with paying the excess each time - since then I pay an optional payment (I think 35) on our annual insurance to waiver the excess. Last year when I had to visit the Lito a couple times myself with an ear infection the waiver kicked in and I got all my money back. I'm sure I only paid 45 for about 3 visits and 10 for the prescription though. Might be worth considering the optional payment especially as there are 5 of you. Love and xxx to Olivia hope she's feeling better now Angie

Posted By: Charnwood Fox

I thought the E111 was dead and buried and we had to have the EHIC now.

Posted By: Balconia

Oh Mark you know what i mean !!! Angie - olivia thanks you for your good wishes . Think i will take your advice and pay to have a zero excess in future !

Posted By: greeny

Hi I Have Standard European Annual Multi-Trip insurance for the whole family and pay 50 a year for us all with 50 Excess but to Waiver Excess it costs 109. for the year & take as many trips as you like it includes medical and Personal Money & Possessions Cover etc etc etc . :D jane

Posted By: Charnwood Fox

  • Balconia wrote:
    Oh Mark you know what i mean !!!

Sorry, Carol. I honestly thought you'd been flashing the E111.
When I casually mentioned it at work a couple of months ago less than half knew about the EHIC, but they're all seasoned overseas travellers.

Posted By: Balconia

It's ok Mark, no probs :lol: :lol:

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